"Jeff is an outstanding connector with vision and heart. He always puts the needs of the person or organization before his own as he understand win/win/win relationships. He seems to know everybody and happily connects and supports his network powerfully. His passion for helping others is only exceeded by his ability to do so and he does it. I am blessed to know Jeff and support any endeavor he is working on as I know its not only going to be a success, it will definitely have an impact." Dug

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"I have known Jeff for years. He is a fantastic person, very high energy, always looking to help others anyway he can. He is always looking to give back and be a champion for charity. He has an enormous network and is able to utilize it for all his charity work." James L.
" I met Jeff 5 years ago. In that time he has impressed me with the connections he has and his compassion for charities.  Florida Fabulous 50 held our first Annual Fashion Ovation in Sarasota. It was such a success Art Ovation asked us back again this year for the 2nd Annual Fashion show. Jeff was our motivation to organize such a large event. Thanks Jeff."
Lisa J.

"I'll Do It With You" Packages starting at $1,999

" Jeff is an inspiration for the power of collaboration with business prospecting and improving  lives the process. I am truly honored to know him and respect him on both a personal and professional basis." Dr Sandy Z
"Jeff has always encouraged us to find ways to have fun and give to charities. We were able to collaborate with local restaurants to have Casino Nights for a Cause. Everyone had a great time plus we raised money for charity." Lisa J
" Jeff's fundraising skills are amazing! His wide and diverse networking makes him at the top every time'" Kelly T.

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"I have known Jeff Sassano for 10 years. In those 10 years I have personally seen him and personally done charity work with him. Whether it was the Lady Bucs massage therapy event where we did free massages for women, his countless hours working to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis or the charity hours he hosted, he has always been there working to help others." Lenny K
"Jeff and I held 13 fundraising happy hours all over Pittsburgh in 2009 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Since then, he continues to surprise me with the amount of energy that he has and all of the different ways that he continues to make this world a better place!" 
Megan W.

"He has become an inspiration for me and countless others to become a better person and live a more altruistic lifestyle." Todd I.


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